Thursday, January 27, 2011

SEcrET GarDeN FinaLe

After 4 days without shaving…arghhhh I feel so uncomfortable and so rage ( wokey this statement is exclusive from the whole of this entry is all about my personal masculine matter ye..hehehe)….last weeks were intimidated days for me…we have to prepare everything just for the SPD and also to our big boss at Operation Unit. Alhamdulillah after the presentation, everything goes well and I supposed to be free for the whole of this week and I hope that I can spend this opportunity to update a new entry for my blog. Last night, I completed watching all 20 series of Secret Garden and at last episode, and then I realize that secret garden is the title of the OSKA album’s …hahaha…..still have to wait until the last episode before can understand whether it is happy ending or tragic ending…hmmmmmm by the ways the plot of the drama is quite hilarious and very melodramatic. I enjoyed watching until the last episode and plus with the special episode…hehehehe..Recommended by Boss Makencik
I remember the last scrip of the drama about being in… it is so wordless and so touching. I believe that sometimes it is very difficult to satisfy people around us and in worst case we have to scarify our interest just to make them feel happy. We do not care whether we are in pain or endure the hard time. We will try our best to laugh and cheer whilst the pain inside us is already serious and perhaps can not be cure. When time pass by, and people will forget everything and honestly to say that they will be more interested to keep something on their own feet. Wokeylah enough to saylah..we have to move on and learn something from the previous experience. I don’t want to blame to anybody but just to remind for the goodness. Talking about being in love doesn’t mean that you have to in love all the time. You still need to consider time with your family, friends, hobby and absolutely eating as well as sleeping. It is more about how you try to persuade your own desire to someone that you think is really meaningful in your life.
You will try to be the best and attempt to stand with him or her no matter how hard you have to face in the future. You don’t care about people around you and you claim that all of these people will ruin your golden moments with your lover. It is so dramatic and you deem that both of you are the most ideal couple in this world. However in Secret Garden, the theme is totally different and you will know that being in love is not the only way you have to scarify everything in order to make your mate feel better. You have to stick with your own decision and please don’t be so ridiculous pretending that you are strong and immune enough in case you have to bump into break off situation. I have gone through this experience and it is so pathetic and the wound will take prolong time before it fully recovers.
Someday you will find something special in your life. During that moment you will discover how to inspire and motivate yourself in the right manner. Hehehe…this entry is very thoughtful isn’t it? (Please say yes lah…ponat den tulih panjang2 ni..hehehe).Anyways.. Sometimes there are a lot of moral of value that we can hold in our minds by watching Korean drama. And I do believe that most of the Korean drama are fully loaded with the important issues about humanity, sociality, capability, trustworthy, loyalty and purity…(berapa banya ty daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)…We as a watcher have to be smart to appraise the good quality that can be implemented in our daily life.So apa lagi after Secret Garden…meh la ramai kita layan Dream High pulak ye…hehehehe

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It is raining..and the rain is pouring heavily

Malam ni temankan housemate ambe makan MacD dekat umah je..area jalan othman ......hahaha...walhal awalnya hengat nak layan citer The Season of Witch...tapi we have  burden things that need  to be settle down by the same time we meet Zaris and she always as usually showing her "workaholicious" to us by bringing her new laptop and of couse a schedule for the working trip to Langkawi for this coming is pity to see both of my friends have to struggle so hard in order to commit the instructions from our big bos.... they are handling 80 Million  ringgit project and supposed to be a huge responsible to be carried out for the purposes of people especially in Sabah....

Zaris is enjoying the fish- O-let and Hafiz is which is beside me is struggling to finish 3 Ayam Goreng MacD...hahaha...

Sometimes we have to be reasonable in order to hand over something which we  might think  it is very important to our project. We have to look back to our previous experience and consider the risk that need to be taken in case we fail to complete the tasks.I believe that both of my friends are doing better in their current job and they are really committed to accomodate all the task although it is beyond their field. Perhaps this is the golden moments for both of them to challenge themselves with the higher level difficulty and try to solve it with the cleverest  solution.
Working is not like studying , we dont have to burn midnight oil to do revision and spend the entire of your time on answering the  questions...working is totally different and once you get involve into that area..u have to be ready to give 100% commitment and loyalty in order to ensure you capability on striving that job......everything is in your hand , u can beat the job by confining   to all your cliques or you confident that you can  handle it by your own experince. The decision is not very simple and have to be smart to deal with job..otherwise you will be suffer and the big bos will blame on u base on  the  disicion  that you have implemented into your task...
So believe in yourself...all of you are really great on dealing with the pressure and stress..keep up your good efford on your task and have a wonderful meeting in Langkawi .Bring back the good result and let our bos impress with the intensity and  passionity that all of you have. Later or soon ..he will admit that all of you are really dependable and well enough to lead the project....InsyaAllah...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sri Murni Discover

Samat pagi to all my blogger readers...hahahaha..senpai baru lepas breakfast  sama itu teh tarikkkk mamak dan juga sandwich tuna..yummy sodappppp..hehehehe..walaupun mata ni berat lagi sebab semalam lepakking sampai tak hengat nka balik rumah..confirm kalau ada bini..tido luarla gamaknya...hahahaha..just joking ye.....sometimes we need cheer up our morning mood with some jokes...betul tak..wokey semalam cadanagn nka lepak dekat Victory Mamak Street..memandangkan mood nak makan murtabak singapore masih lagi berkobar-kobar..terbayang2 daging2 ayam dan lembu yang disiat-siat...haruman bawang yang mengiurkan serta aroma kari kambing pengcicahnya..arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cant stop thinking of it.....nak makan..nak teruslah berdesup dengan Persona nan Grata ambe di sambing nak lepakking member2 daripada Cameron Highlands yang datang kursus minggu ni...pusing punya pusing dekat area2 Subang Jaya tapi tak jumpa2 juga aikkkkkkk mana dia kodai tu....noona Waiem di manakah gerangannya kedai itu?..puas hamba mengemudi kerata ni tapi masih belum jua kutemui...sungguh sedih dan kuciwa sekaliiiiiiiiiiiii...last2 dah dekat pukul 10 lebih malam ternampaklah Sri Murni Discover terus lepak situ sampai pukul satu lebih...hehehehe...sorrylah gambo makan tak sempat nak snap sebab kelaparan punya pasal...
sorry gambo tak clear sebab guna camera handset cap ayam je...hehehehe...

member ambe si Hafiz tu order nasi goreng meletupppp..bommmm..hahahaha..rupa dia macam nasi goreng USA ..tapi mamat tu buat lawak dia kata nasi goreng USA+UK...wateberrrlah Sham ni plak order Nasi goreng seafood...oklah banyak seafood2..macam selalu u=yang ambe makan ..manakala seorang lagi order nasi goreng thailand..simple je....ambe...hehehehe

Ambe order Indo Mee...hahahaha...kenapa Indo Mee..sebab perut dah masuk hangin so dah tak bleh nak amasuk berat2..air2 pula standard macam Williams dan juga nak kata sedap takdelah sangat..nak kata tak sodap bolehlah tahan..orangnya pula ramai gilessssss

Cuma ambe nak kepastian Sri Murni ni kira adik beradik Williams juga ke..kalau murni section 14 tu ambe tahu juga ni Sri Murni dekat sapa2 yang thau blehllah inform n sharing the experience ye....dan buat Geng Ottoke..why not nanti kalau nak gadering togede-gede bleh juga lepak sini..tempat bersih dan staff ramai muslim...pendek citer better better but chu lah daripada Uncle cuma makanan dia tak sesuperb williams..apa2 pun tempat dia oraittt juga....

So mungkin next time ada orang Brunei pula kut yang akan join..betul tak cik hurul...hahahaha

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Messi is Not Missing Around Anymore!!

Congratulation to Lionel Messi for win the best player 2010 which was announced by the FIFA yesterday what as we all know you are derserved for it.Although most of poeple are not really satisfy with the result and claimed that you didn't playwell at the world Cup,  i still believe that you will do better in your next tournoment and onwards...see now you have proven to all your fans that you a really a great player and what a surprise when all the nominees are from the Barca...I think  this is the new era  for Messi to show his  great skills and impress all the football fans with the ggreat passing and hat-trick score...hehehe..keep it up the cool style and skills bro. cant wait to see u in the next major tournament during Copa will the best time and moments for u to show up your intensity to your country and it will be a great opportunity to build-up team spirit for the next World Cup in 2014...


Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 : The biggest Temptation in My Life

Salam sumer..hows ur life ? still in new year fever yaaaa...hahaha...lama tak hupdate blog..sangat2 sibuk sejak2 lepas bulan puasa..senpai outstation sebulan di kenyir dan keadaan inilah yang menyebabkan sifat kemalasan nak hupdate blog...hahahaha....dasar bujannnnnnnng!!!...tapi sempat juga senpai round2 seluruh terengganu..cuma frust tak sempat nak ke Pulau Redang je..InsyaAllah ada rezeki..sampailah sana...sama2 kita doakan ye...malam ni entry panjang skit kut lama tak hupdate blog ye..
Gambo ni senpai ambe masa nak habis keja dekat kenyir..sempatla jalan2 dekat Penarik..memang menarik tempat ni.....walaupun keja direct tanpa cuti..balik pula malam2 namun senpai enjoy la sebab kita buat keja yang kita kita akan rasa happy....
Lepas balik je daripada kenyir minat nak hupdate blog tu terus je terkubur..sibuk siapakn report..time2 ni pula nak kena buat banyak keja ditambah internet pula terus surammmm je..pastu ambe juga dapat info bahawa teman seperjuangan ambe yang sambung blajo dekat New Zealand tetiba balik Malaysia..secara cuakkkk juga senpai...namun dalam sibuk2 tu sempat juga senpai setkan vacation ke Langkawi...lama bebeno tak sampai after cuti approve..apa lagi jomlah ke Pulau Pinang pula....hehehe

Lihat geng-geng senpai lompat kegirangan...hehehe..walaupun senpai ni takut air..namun tak kesahlah hentam sajalah....yang penting ada life jacket ye......memang best sangat2 bila lepakking bersama teman2 yang sekepala..jampuk, sham and Ain..and as usual Yan kena jadi fotographer kamilah..banyak jugalah senpai borong coklat....hehehe...hantu coklat versi mak limah balik petaling jaya..hahahaha.Time ni juga senpai baru dapat cinta baru..cinta pada DSLR...jadi senpai pun apa lagi...kenalah attend kelas photographer ni..nak asah bakat..mana tau in future kalau ada teman blogger nak kawen..bleh senpai jadi photographer.....masih peringkat beginner..banyak lagi yang kena blajar...thanks buat Shifa sebab sudi jadi model masa senpai2 snap gambo awak yang cun tu ye...hehehehe(gelak penuh makna...hehehe)

sempat lagi ye sibuk2 ni layan kelas la minat baru senpai yang senpai masih lagi tengah explore....
Dalam kalut2 menghadiri kenduri member2 kawen..plan nak ke Universal Studio Singapore tak senpai lepaskan sempat juga gi sana sambil layan ke-besh-an suasana di sana....yehaaaaaaaaaa

Ada gaya....hehehe...wish this year senpai nak kereta merah tu..boleh ke.....azam azam azam!!!

sorrylah ye..tak leh nak lompat tinggi sebab baru lepas lunch..hehehe

Apapun senpai akhiri tahiun 2010 dengan kenangan yang agak manessss juga walaupun banyak juga pahitttttnya..biasalah tiada apa yang sempurna..banyak yang kita kena imrpovekan..senpai harap tahun ni akan lebih baik daripada tahun2 yang sebelumnay..dan senpai juga apa2 yang outstanding last year..akan tercapai tahun ni...kena betul2 ni takmo main2 lagi..hahahaha...dah tuo dah umur ni....ok guys ...Selamat tahun baru 2011..wish all the best and may success in all ur undertaking ye...seee yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...whuwaaaaaa ngantok lahhh nak tiodqqqq zzzzzz

Sunday, January 2, 2011

1 Jan 2011 at Universal Studio Singapore

Sangat-sangat Besh debom-debom..berbaloi juga bayar SGD 72.00 untuk masuk USS ni..nanti2 senpai citer lagi ye......hehehe...