Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just Smile To Me, Argentina!

Win or Lose, for us  they were, they are and they will remain champions of our heart (cehwahhhhh ayat....feeling gilessss)... I'm quite happy with the last night friendly match betwwen the Portugal and Argentina..2 over 1 was already blow away the FB Fan with tears and joys. First half was the great moments, De Maria scored in the earliest minutes of the game  and let the Wonderboys ahead the Portugal with 1 againts 0. Mr.Clear aka Ronaldo was then made the match more exciting by levelled things up 7 minutes after the first goal of Argentina.
After the break, Portugal heading everythings and the wonderboys looked so stressful.They need to push up until the limit in order to break out the rules of the Portugal.It was quite nervous and my heart was beating double time as to see the Portugal began to dominate the match. Luckily at the eleventh hours, the 'messi' ing around boy came and fulfiled the moments with the perfected shot just right the keeper and sealed the games with 2 over1 and win the match. Go Argentina go...and as what as  i always posess in my heart the smile of Argentina will cover up the tear of no more crying for Argentina lah !!!!!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Barca on the way of World Race!!!

3 goals were already more than enough for Barcelona to make history yesterdy by winning the 16th La Liga match.Senpai was super duper happy ma....hehehehe..and as usual the wonderboy has made hat-trick goals by 3 over 0 to make them 10-point lead over Real Madrid (yesssssssss....). Anyways..i didn't see the match as I was on my  way  travelling back to KL yesterday was a great moments for Barca and I think  these will be the huge and greatest reward for them after hard time during the world cup last year.Hahahaha...wokeyleh..senpai will update soon yerrr in the next enrty...arghhhh I need some comfortable sleepla....huhuhuhu

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Go Barca Go !

 I know that it was quite late for me to announce about the glory moments which was achieve by the Barca. As usual in the epic story,  the great warrior will took everything and at the end of the war he will be appointed as the great armor hero . It was happened in the Barca, 2 late goals from Messi helped them to lead over Hercules with a secure 3-0.It was a great moments as they equalled the Liga record of 15 victories set by the Real in 1960/61...syabas bette! syaba bette!.Hahaha you already approved the statement " Messi is not missing around anymore"....