Sunday, February 6, 2011

Barca on the way of World Race!!!

3 goals were already more than enough for Barcelona to make history yesterdy by winning the 16th La Liga match.Senpai was super duper happy ma....hehehehe..and as usual the wonderboy has made hat-trick goals by 3 over 0 to make them 10-point lead over Real Madrid (yesssssssss....). Anyways..i didn't see the match as I was on my  way  travelling back to KL yesterday was a great moments for Barca and I think  these will be the huge and greatest reward for them after hard time during the world cup last year.Hahahaha...wokeyleh..senpai will update soon yerrr in the next enrty...arghhhh I need some comfortable sleepla....huhuhuhu

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ashie023 said...

abg villa..weewit!!!